10 True Things About the First Year of Parenthood

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Sometimes you stumble across a blog post that makes you shout YES! Full of truisms it could almost be written about you (or by you). This post from  on Huffington Post did that. She cuts through the baby book bullshit and gives us a list of 10 things we need to know about the first year of parenthood. There’s probably more than 10, but it’s a bloody good start.

Here are Karyn’s 10 True Things … go through to post to read more.

1. You are going to suck at this parenting gig and be awesome at it at the same time, all the time.

2. Postpartum bodies are squashy 

3. Your baby is not like the other babies. 

4. We have got to stop telling people that things should be easy and painless.

5. Speaking of bullshit, oh mylanta, the poop. 

6. The sooner you can figure out how to accept unwanted advice gracefully, the easier your year is going to be. 

7. Start stretching, because it’s time to get flexible. 

8. The most important thing to get for your baby is not a Rock n’ Play, nor a good set of swaddling blankets, nor a high-end stroller.

9. We have to lift each other up. 

10. Success is found in being willing to grow. 

I think I love Karyn a little bit. But that might be my hormones.

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