Moving house … again

moving home

Image: oksanika

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve moved home you see, which pretty much took over everything. This is my third move in the last year and I have one more ahead of me once the little man is around 6 months. I know, I don’t do things by half.

I didn’t really plan this. I have a lovely flat in London which I moved out of mid way through last year to be closer to my horse’s stables as I wanted to spend more time riding and doing a bit of eventing. Two months after that first move, I fell pregnant and out the window went the riding more thing.

The next move was prompted by the landlady from hell (her polite name) who refused to let me out of my rental contract in February so that I could move elsewhere for my maternity leave, even after giving her three months notice. After some negotiation she decided it would be more beneficial for her if I moved out 2 weeks before Christmas. She gave me 2 weeks notice (you see why I call her other names?). Karma will get her. Thankfully I was taken in by two amazing friends while I prepared for my next move.

So, now I’m staying in a wonderful place outside of London and am adjusting to country life. I’m here for my maternity leave, then once I’m working again I’ll move closer to my family in the lovely Oxfordshire countryside. Phew. I’m hoping after that move I can settle for a while.

Moving while 8 months pregnant is hard. Actually anything while 8 months pregnant is hard, particularly when you’re a single mum. Energy levels are low and mummy brain mixes things up a bit, but the nesting thing is rather fun. Some friends have been amazing, you really do find out who your true friends are in these times of need and I’m beyond grateful for the support I’ve had.

All this to’ing and fro’ing is tricky. I’ve had a few nasty surprises along the way, but one thing I’m taking from my experience so far, is that anything is possible when you’re open enough to roll with the punches. As hard as this has all been, I’m already seeing that my life could be much, much better once things settle down a bit. As hard as things get, there’s always a way out. And if you’re an eternal optimist like me, it could lead to a much more positive life. I’m all for that.

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