Review: The dreaded cold and what can help

The boy’s had numerous colds since it .. got cold. Just like most babies I guess. Of course as a new mother I had no idea what to do about it, which led to lots of secondary issues: no sleeping as his nose was blocked, grumpy (most of the time), dehydrated, horrid coughs … the list goes on.

So off to Boots (other chemists are available) we went and I ended up paying a small fortune on a bunch of remedies that didn’t work. Brilliant. So when I was sent a bundle of Dentinox remedies, I was a little dubious. However, I prevailed over a few weeks and it appears we have some winners in the cold battle.

Out on top (by far) is Snufflebabe. A baby version of Vicks that you rub on the chest and throat. It smells lovely and really helps to clear the nose. The boy  loves it. As well as clearing any congestion it really helps him (and in turn, me) to sleep. Lovely.

The Clear Room Vapour was also fab. I put a few drops on a cuddly toy tied to the cot (that he can’t reach) when I put him to bed and it starts working immediately.

The Eye Wipes were an unexpected addition as I wasn’t sure if or when I’d use them, but he did suffer with gooey eyes during one of his colds and these worked a treat. Quick to use and completely sterile. I keep these in my bag now.

One slight loser was the Clear Nasal Aspirator. You put in the nostril and .. erm .. suck the snot out. Sounds gross. Is gross. I couldn’t get it to work.

Of course our standard backup to all of this is Calpol when he has a temperature, but I try not to give that too often.

So that’s what worked for us. Always open to other suggestions though as colds are just miserable, although thankfully, we appear to be germ free. For now.

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